Classic Aviation

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Cocktail Glass


5 Minutes

5 Ingredients

  • Maraschino Liqueur : 2 tsp
  • Crème de Violette : 2 tsp
  • Maraschino Cherry : 1
  • Gin : 2.5 oz
  • Lemon Juice : 0.75 oz

Recipe Instructions

Begin by adding all ingredients into a cocktail shaker that is filled with ice. Shake it well and then strain contents into a cocktail glass. Finish your drink by garnishing it with a cherry.

From the Bartender

Its origins are somewhat of a mystery, but most attribute the Aviation to Hugo Esslin, head bartender at the Hotel Wallick. The recipe was first printed in Esslin's 1916 book called Recipes For Mixed Drinks. Almost a full century later, the cocktail has remained a popular - though not unchanged. Esslin's original recipe called for 1½ oz. El Bart gin, ¾ oz. lemon juice, 2 dashes maraschino liqueur, and 2 dashes crème de violette, a violet liqueur, giving the cocktail a pale sky-blue color.

Finding the crème de violette difficult to find, Savoy Cocktail Book author Henry Craddock left out the difficult-to-find violet liqueur, instead opting for a simpler recipe of just gin, lemon juice and maraschino - a formula many bartenders would end up following.

We are more partial to this version, but urge you to judge the Savoy Aviation for yourself.

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